The Best Way To Store Rope

Tuesday, 29th of November 2022

Improperly stored or looked-after ropes not only become tangled and messy, they also get dirty, which will clog up the fibres with dust, debris and even salt deposits if you're in a marine environment. Over time, as your rope becomes embedded with dirt, or

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What Do I Need To Splice A Rope?

Friday, 30th of September 2022

Terminating, or splicing rope, is a superior rope finishing method that allows you to retain all the rope strength that can be lost in standard terminations. Tying a knot at the end of the rope is the most common and simple form of rope termination, however,

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Guide To KOHLHOFF LOOP Blocks, Shackles & Connectors

Friday, 29th of July 2022

Streamlining the sailing experience with the perfect blend of innovation and ease of use; Kohlhoff's LOOP range is at the helm when it comes to the specialised deck equipment market.

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7 Essential Rope Work Tools You Need To Own

Tuesday, 31st of May 2022

Whether you're cutting, splicing or whipping, working with rope requires the right set of tools. Aside from its strength and versatility, one of the greatest benefits of using rope is that it can be modified to suit many different functions in marine, yachting

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Our Bestselling Garden Ropes For Summer
Thursday, 31st of March 2022

If you're longing for the sunny days and soaring temperatures of spring and summer, now's the time to get your garden rope projects organised. Whether your mind is set on a big backyard makeover or a smaller scale job, nothing is more versatile, visually appropriate

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What Rope Is Safe For Bird Toys?
Monday, 31st of January 2022

Whether you own an indoor budgie or enjoy bird watching from your window, finding suitable bird toys that are fun and fit for purpose can be confusing and even controversial. One of the main problems with some bird toys is that they can contain certain materials,

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