Rope is known for its rustic strength and rugged practicality, but perhaps its most surprising quality is its visual appeal around the home.

When you're on a boat, or climbing a cliff face, rope is about as functional a material as you'll come across. But when wrapped around a mirror or decorating a staircase, it's extremely elegant and stylish.

Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, rope fits seamlessly into almost any abode without looking out of place. So whether your design preference is heavily themed or super minimalist, Rope Warehouse are here to show you how to make use of some simple manila, cotton or jute rope to transform any room of your home into a timeless environment that melds practicality with effortless style.

Rope Wall Hanging Shelf

Floating shelves and invisible fixings are out! Embrace that stylish suspended look with this simple yet very effective wall hanging shelf. All you need is a rustic piece of wood, cotton rope and a simple rope knot to complete the look.

Rope Staircase Bannister

In a staircase arrangement like this, wooden bannisters running up either side of the staircase would be a little uninspired. However, by fitting a rope handrail on the plain wall side, it acts as an eye-catching feature piece, adding maritime flair, which really complements the wooden steps.

DIY Rope Lamp

Take away the smooth, characterless shape of a modern lamp and give it a rustic twist by wrapping it in thin sisal rope to create appealing texture and unique design appeal.

Rustic Manila Rope Wooden Candles

Just like a rope lamp, add some personality to your table pieces with this rope-meets-candle idea.

Rope Frame Mirror

Nothing's chic-er than this stunning rope mirror that you can hang up on the walls of your home with a stylish silver boat cleat hitch wall-fixing.

DIY Rope Entry Mat

Any wooden floor would welcome this simple, Mediterranean-style entry mat idea.

Jute Rope Bathroom Basket

For all your bathroom toiletries, candles and similar essentials, create a jute rope basket which is attractive and versatile enough to suit any modern or traditional home.

Post By Ed Mason