Avid arborists, keen climbers and a range of other rope users require the use of a Prusik. But this famous friction hitch comes with a few key considerations you need to bear in mind to ensure it works safely and effectively when in use.

Named after Dr. Karl Prusik, an Austrian mountaineer who not only invented the titular rope climbing aid but put it into practice on a number of different mountaineering adventures, allowing climbers to ascend - prusiking - successfully to the summit by sliding the knot up the static rope. In emergency situations, the climber can be pulled up by using a Prusik loop and pulley block on the climbing rope.

Due to the high risk rope applications that require a Prusik, the materials used need to be durable, reliable and fully compliant with the right testing standards. A high quality Prusik will also ensure that it grips the rope, runs effectively and knots easily without causing damage to the underlying rope it's tied to.

In our latest blog, Rope Warehouse will guide you through some of the most pertinent Prusik points that you need to consider before buying your friction hitch loop, as well as the key benefits to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

What Is A Prusik Knot?

A Prusik is a length of cord that forms a loop, wrapping around a rope so that the knot can slide over it and grip it as you climb. They'll move freely and easily on the line, but when a strong force or friction is applied to the end of a rope, the friction induced by the knot will create load-bearing tension to safely and securely hold a person or your climbing equipment.

What Is A Prusik Used For?

Typically, Prusiks are used as a rappel backup, to ascend the line and to escape the belay in self-rescue situations, but there are also a number of other less typical applications that they can also be used in. Prusiks are therefore most suited to climbing, tree cutting, mountaineering, caving, canyoneering and ziplining scenarios - both as an incredibly useful rope technique and for safety purposes.

What You Should Use For A Prusik...

Marlow Arborist Boa Prusik Loop

At Rope Warehouse, we offer a Marlow Arborist Boa Prusik Loop in 50cm, 60cm, 70cm sizes to suit your tree cutting and climbing requirements. This 9mm black and lime coloured cord is not only easy to handle, simple to knot and runs effectively when in use, it's also highly durable owing to the strong 16 plait polyester cover and plaited core.

Fully tested, this CE certified Marlow Loop conforms to CE EN 566 with easy knotability, flexibility and easy handling as well as good abrasion resistance and strength. Serial numbered factory terminations for regulatory compliance.

Post By Ed Mason