Splicing is the joining together of two ropes to create a smooth, professional and reliable finish, but does it weaken or strengthen rope? Many rope splicing novices in nautical, arborist, rigging and similar disciplines often wonder whether it's better to knot a rope or splice it in order to maintain your rope's original strength.

Splicing is often used to create a long-lasting, secure and weatherproof connection. It's also a technique that's great to use from a handling point of view as splicing makes the attachment or detachment of rope - particularly in the maritime world - far easier, quicker and more ergonomic than simply tying a rope together. Others also find that the art of splicing creates a more beautiful and eye-catching visual appearance; enhancing both the aesthetics of your rope connections as well as the tidiness of your lines.

But what about splicing strength?

In our latest blog, Rope Warehouse will unravel this common splicing conundrum. We'll explore the vital question of whether the strength of your rope is going to be impacted depending on the joining method you decided to use when you next reach for your rope of choice.

Does Splicing Weaken Or Strengthen A Rope?

Splicing a rope is usually a lot stronger than tying a knot, making it the preferred rope joining method. A properly spliced rope will be able to retain a lot of the rope's original strength whereas a knotted rope will typically experience a 20% - 40% strength reduction. Splicing on the other hand will only reduce rope strength by 10% at the very most, creating a slimmer, less bulky or unsightly look on your finished rope.

What We Offer...

If you want to splice a rope successfully, Rope Warehouse provides a range of splicing must-haves to ensure a professional, reliable and efficient splice. Whether you're looking for superior quality splicing thimbles, complete splicing kits or to hone your technique with our splicing guides, we've got everything you need and more.

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Selma Splicing Fids - 4 Piece Set

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Marlow Complete Rope Splicing Kit

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Marlow Rope Splicing Guide

Ideal for professionals and beginners alike! This high gloss laminated splicing manual comes with stage-by-stage directions and detailed information, giving you recommended splices from some of the most highly regarded professionals in the maritime world.

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