It's one of the most commonly used ropes out there, but what exactly is Manila Rope for?

This natural fibre rope has been used for hundreds of years and it's really no surprise why... It's strong and flexible, even when exposed to water, and is derived from natural Manila hemp from the abacá plant, which is abundant in the Philippines.

At Rope Warehouse we love Manila, and we believe it's a rope that can be used for a huge number of different projects and practical applications, spanning professional and recreational fields of interest. So let us take you through the various features and uses of this versatile and adaptable rope of choice that will have you wishing that you'd simply bought more!

What Are The Advantages Of Using Manila Rope?

Manila is a strong, durable yet flexible natural fibre rope. It's completely adaptable to a range of different uses thanks to the pliable design that wont deteriorate when exposed to salt water and adverse conditions.

For this reason, manila is incredibly well suited

What Is Manila Rope Used For?

Nautical Uses

Manila rope is great for a wide variety of sailing and marine uses due to its highly salt water resistant properties and tough, durable and long-lasting construction. However, Manila rope can shrink when wet, making knots tighten when exposed to water.

Swings, Games & Outdoor Uses

Manila can also withstand punishment from the outdoor elements, making it a great choice children's swings, rope ladders, climbing frames and many other activity sets and games in constant use and subject to all harsh weather conditions.

Barrier Ropes

Barrier ropes are great for cordoning off areas, dividing space and allowing restricted access, while blending seamlessly into the background. Manila rope is a perfect choice for spaces that require more of a natural and unobtrusive look.

Battle Rope & Exercise

Battle ropes have completely revolutionised the way we exercised. Whether you're in the gym or looking for a great strength and conditioning workout from home, manila is the rope that you need to reach your fitness goals.

Post By Ed Mason