The hottest fitness trends of 2016 seem to be HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) and crossfit, this sees us going back to basics and making use of natural resources around us (mostly your own body weight), providing a more cost effective way to get fit that can even be done in the comfort of your own home. Battle Ropes in particular, and other sports and leisure ropes are central to these workout concepts, as well as being a common find in a school gymnasium.

Our sports and leisure ropes can be used for a range of applications, all promising to create an exhaustive, killer workout in your own home. Battle ropes are different to traditional ropes as they help to improve your grip over time, helping you to grow lean muscle. Our range of sports and leisure ropes are ideal for a range of applications, allowing you to pick your size requirements for a completely bespoke piece of rope, ready for whatever you have in mind.

Manila Exercise Battle Rope

From £5.70 per metre

A best selling sport & leisure rope, Manila exercise battle rope is a multi-purpose rope that is fantastic for gym or crossfit battle ropes. The rope is highly flexible and durable so it will withstand the most intense workouts. As well as selecting the thickness and dimensions you require for the rope, you can pick how you want the ends to be finished too. A heatshrink finish provides an easier surface to grip, and wipe clean after use, whereas a whipped finish will improve your grip over time, but is more difficult to clean off in between use.

This type of rope is ideal for battle ropes, you could even install one in your garden for your own private use. This simple rope will help to provide a killer cardio workout whilst sculpting your own muscle. If you're looking to install your own battle rope in your home or at a bootcamp, check out this beginners guide to battle ropes which includes lots of different ways that you can incorporate one into a workout. It's such a simple concept that can help you reap amazing results, don't knock it until you've tried it!

Gymnasium Climbing Rope - Natural Hemp

From £5.10 per metre

Manila rope is more suited to battle ropes, whilst gymnasium climbing rope is suitable for a wide range of applications for industrial purposes and sport and leisure purposes. This rope is fantastic for school gymnasium climbing ropes and is made from natural hemp. This makes it a soft rope to handle that reduces the risk of friction burns, making it a great choice for situations where rope has to be handled.

With the new year approaching, why not switch up your workouts and go back to basics with a sport and leisure rope, it couldn't be a simpler and more effective way to exercise! Do you incorporate rope into any of your workouts? Keep up to date with our latest news, product launches and blogs over on our Facebook & Twitter page!

Post By Nicole Sage