Finding the best rope and accessories to accompany your climbing excursions is paramount to your safety and wellbeing. That's why we have put together this list of the best climbing ropes as well as slings, karabiners, lowering line and more. Our range of UK manufactured Marlow Ropes are CE certified & ANSI compliant. They have been proven in the field and are trusted by Arborists in the UK and USA.

Marlow Static Arborist Climbing Rope

Manufactured for weight saving, this lightweight nylon 11mm static climbing rope is ideal for use with single rope techniques. Aeris range of ropes has excellent abrasion resistant properties and works with all hardware compatible with 11mm ropes. Certified in accordance with EN 1891.

Marlow Static Climbing Rope - Venom

VENOM is a new lightweight 11.8mm arborist climbing line designed specifically for the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and modern climbing techniques, either on single or doubled rope. VENOM has a braided Nylon core that works with the 24-plait jacket to give a rope with exceptional flexibility and handling without compromising on durability.

Raptor Bull Ropes - Marlow Lowering Line

This brilliant lowering line is torque balanced and resistant to chemicals and UV damage. Braid on braid construction, easily spliced. ArmourCoated for 30% improvement in abrasion resistance. ArmourCoat reduces water absorption. Raptor Bull Ropes supplied with spliced stainless steel thimble.

Marlow Arborist Boa Loop

This Marlow Arborist Boa Loop is a factory terminated, CE certified loop made using the tough and proven anti-kink Boa cord. Available in 3 different sizes, this 9mm cord is manufactured with a strong 16 plait polyester cover and a plaited core, offering a range of different features including easy handling and brilliant durability. Designed to be used as a Prussik, allowing rope to run effectively and knot easily.

C.A.M.P Arborist Herbol Cambium Saver

The C.A.M.P Herbol Cambium Saver creates secure anchor points on tree branches or around horizontal manmade structures. The strap's solidity has been specially studied and designed to meet the stringent needs of tree climbers.

CAMP - Oval Compact 3 Lock Karabiner

A compact style of karabiner with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. The triple-action twist lock offers maximum safety and the key lock nose prevents snagging. One of the strongest oval karabiners on the market, the automatic lock requires three actions - Slide, Twist & Pull, to open. Easy to operate with just one hand. CE marking including the individual serial number.

Marlow Arborist Split Tails

Marlow Split Tails are made from Marlow certified Gecko and Komodo climbing ropes and finished with strong factory sewn eye termination. Made with high-visibility colours, these flexible and abrasion-resistant split tails are made for arborists and climbing uses. Includes a 17 plait polyester cover and finished off with durable factory eye termination.

Marlow Whoopie Slings

A versatile sling with a multi-braided construction. This is a great option for a tree surgeon and other climbing uses. Features abrasion resistance and high energy absorption properties. Whoopie Slings are adjustable in length so that one sling can do the job of many.

Marlow Arborist Dyneema Throwing Line

For easier handling, smoother running and higher breaking strength, Marlow Dyneema Throwline is more than 3 times as strong as our standard Polyester product, but also 12% lighter. Made from an ultra-high molecular weight polyethene that gives the rope its brilliant strength to weight ratio. Supplied on a 50-metre reel. Ideal for climbers, arborists and for marine uses. this throwing line will also float on water and resist moisture, chemical and UV ray exposure. 

You can browse our entire range of arborist and climbing ropes here.

Post By Rosie Burnman