Whether you're cutting, splicing or whipping, working with rope requires the right set of tools. Aside from its strength and versatility, one of the greatest benefits of using rope is that it can be modified to suit many different functions in marine, yachting and industrial settings as well as equestrian environments and more.

However, activities such as cutting and splicing require specialist tools and instruments to achieve results that are of a professional standard in both function and visual finish. In this blog, Rope Warehouse will take you through the must-have tools and accessories every rope worker needs to own, from high-grade D Splicer scissors to fids and hot knives.

Marlow Selma Splicing Fids - 5.5mm

This ingenious splicing device consists of a hollow metal tube for use with all types of braided ropes. Not only will it make fiddly, detailed work easier, you'll also achieve the smoothest splicing finish possible for a wide range of marine, equestrian and industrial rigging jobs.

Myerchin Black G10 Offshore System Rigging Knife

The G10 is a rigging knife that no sailor can do without. Incredibly versatile and made to resist the harshest ocean elements, this strong yet lightweight knife can be used to serve a wide range of tasks around your boat.

Marlow Ropes Cordless Hot Knife

With a cutting blade that reaches a temperature of 400 °C within seconds, this Marlow Hot Knife will slice through and heat seal rope very effectively. A fast, easy and portable product for riggers, yachtsman and anyone working on or off site with rope.

Marlow Splicing Kit

This all-in-one kit is great for splicing nautical, industrial and equestrian-based rope and includes fid adhesive tape, two pullers, whipping twine and an instruction leaflet.

D Splicer Dyneema Scissors

Dyneema Scissors solve the almost impossible problem of cutting Dyneema, Spectra and Aramid ropes. Unlike regular scissors, the D-Splicer scissor blades are laser cut from high carbon stainless steel and have special modified angles with a unique grinding profile. You can cut through difficult ropes time and again without the blades needing to be resharpened.

Selma Splicing Fids - 5 Piece Set

If you require multiple sizes of splicing fids, this set comes with a 4mm-13mm range for splicing all types of braided rope. A smooth, professional kit that no boat owner should ever be without.

Marlow Whipping Twine

Our waxed polyester twine is a great choice to add a finishing touch to your lines. It comes with a tough and durable breaking strain and an easy-to-seal coating for many on-deck jobs such as sail repairs, canvas repairs and rope whipping.

Post By Ed Mason