From club nights and concert venues to black tie events and grand openings, every high-class occasion needs a luxurious rope barrier to set the scene. A VIP barrier rope not only gives your star-studded surrounding an elevated sense of grandeur, it also crucially serves to manage queue lines, section off areas and control crowds.

The red carpet and accompanying red adornments like red velvet barrier ropes symbolise a classic elegance and style that reflects the traditions of the British monarchy and harks back as far as Ancient Greece where red was considered to be 'the god's colour' - signifying ceremony, prestige and status throughout history.

Nowadays form and function meld together and the VIP barrier rope you're after not only has to look and feel the part, it also needs to be durable and study enough to command authority over unruly crowds and large groups of people in your VIP rope barrier system.

In our latest blog, Rope Warehouse explores the most essential types of VIP barrier ropes, including red velvet, twisted nylon and natural cotton, giving you the key insights into which VIP rope you need to own.

VIP Red Velvet Barrier Rope With Chrome Clip Hooks

The most premium looking and feeling VIP barrier rope you can buy. This soft and supple red velvet queue management must-have is made from a durable nylon construction with shimmering chrome-effect hook fittings, providing a sturdy connection at each end that you can clip and unclip effortlessly for ease of access. A great choice for the most glamorous premieres, lavish foyers and extravagant occasions.

VIP Twisted Barrier Rope

For something more modern and versatile, this red twisted VIP barrier rope will make a big first impression. If our smooth velvet barrier rope is a little too traditional or overly classic in its style, the twisted rope detail here instantly updates your rope barrier system for any special celebration, party or event with a contemporary edge. The chrome-effect clips will easily attach to barrier posts, helping you assemble a crowd management system of any size.

BRT Natural Cotton Event Barrier Rope

For crowd control on a budget, this functional yet formal natural cotton event barrier rope is our most versatile and cost-effective option. This 3-strand cotton rope is an incredibly soft and tactile barrier material that can easily transition between festivals and more formal functions. Available with a choice of chrome or brass hooks to match the aesthetic of your event perfectly.

Post By Ed Mason