Rope is an essential piece of equipment no matter whether you have a sailboat, pontoon boat, deck boat or cabin cruiser. Designed for use in the marine environment, our marine ropes can be used for a multitude of applications. Whether you pick a nylon or polyester rope, they each have excellent properties that make them an asset to any boat, ship or yacht.

Most ropes offer UV and abrasion resistance, as well as increased strength and flexibility as opposed to traditional ropes. These ropes comprise everything you need for them to withstand the weathering effects of life at sea and outdoor use. 

A popular choice for cruisers, our range of docklines and anchoring ropes are flexible enough and strong enough to withstand heavy loads over their lifetime. Our range includes both polyester and nylon ropes in a range of different finishes, promising to perfectly blend in with the classic fittings of any boat or yacht. All of our docklines and anchoring ropes are well suited to marine environments, offering UV and abrasion resistance. 

Offering extra strength and durability than traditional rope, mooring ropes need to be able to withstand heavy loads, whilst ensuring flexibility and elasticity. Our range of Nylon and Polyester ropes are all popular choices for mooring, with the option of different thicknesses and lengths to suit your situation.

Polyester ropes are incredibly flexible, strong and easy to handle, whereas nylon ropes can be susceptible to losing some of their flexibility over time, they have far more increased strength and stretch than their counterpart.

Marlow Multiplait Nylon Rope

Comprising of 8 strand nylon, the Marine Multiplait Nylon Rope offers flexibility and elasticity which makes it easy to splice, handle and store. The rope is designed for use with docklines and anchoring, helping to absorb high shock loads and the super-strong 8 strand construction will suit rough seas and other harsh conditions. This rope is supplied in a white finish, helping to blend in with a boats classic fittings. Available in a selection of sizes to suit your requirements. 

Marlow Blue Ocean Dockline

Marlow Blue Ocean Dockline is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The perfect eco-conscious choice for your mooring lines, it’s easily spliced, high strength and has a good stretch facility. Made from rPET (recycled polyester yarn), the unique construction offers the same popular attributes as Marlow’s regular Dockline, including good UV protection and excellent abrasion resistance. With outstanding shock absorption its soft and supple,  flexible with zero strength loss or shrinkage. Plus, it’s fully recyclable in itself at the end of its user life.

Marlow Multiplait Polyester

From Marlow's extensive range of high performing ropes, the Marine Multiplait Polyester Rope offers flexibility and elasticity. These properties make the rope easy to stow in the chain locker without kinking. The rope can withstand and absorb high shock loads and is an easy and soft to handle rope. Designed for use with doc33klines and anchoring. 

Marlow Hardy Natural Look Hemp Rope

Marlow Hardy Classic Hemp Rope is a general use rope made from synthetic fibres but with a natural 'hairy' design and feel. Fitting seamlessly into any traditional yacht, garden or decking area, this decorative rope comes with all the visual appeal of a natural rope and the modern benefits of synthetic options making it easily spliced, UV resistant and long-lasting in outdoor conditions. 

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Post By Rosie Burnman