If you're thinking about giving your garden a makeover this summer, a beautiful new timber decking project is a great place to start. Garden decking not only transforms your outdoor areas into practical, usable and varied space for social events and relaxation, it also looks incredibly attractive while adding value to your property in the process. But every aesthetically pleasing decking project needs that perfect finishing touch in the form of garden decking rope.

One of the most appealing qualities of traditional timber decking is the ability to create subareas, contrasting textures or even a beautiful path through your garden space. Garden decking rope helps to define these sections of your garden; creating clean angles, adding to the decorative style of your garden and even providing your guests with something to hold onto as they wander through your paradise outdoor space.

You'll discover that there is a range of different decking ropes out there... So which one should you choose: cotton, synthetic hemp or natural hemp garden decking rope?

In our latest blog, Rope Warehouse will guide you through the best garden ropes for your decking project, giving you an insight into deciding how to choose your decking rope according to aesthetics, function and practicality...

Natural 3-Strand 100% Cotton Rope

Incredibly soft and tactile, our all-natural 100% cotton rope is perfect for outdoor use, Made from a natural, washable, durable and eco-friendly cellulose fibre construction, this rope is ideal for gripping thanks to the fluffy, soft feel that won't cause friction burns, unlike other types of outdoor rope. Available in a range of sizes from 6mm - 24mm to suit your latest decking project.

Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope

Our synthetic hemp garden decking rope is a more durable, weatherproof and abrasion resistant option that won't shrink when wet, making it ideal for regular garden use and exposure to harsh weather. Available in a range of different thicknesses and finishes, with the ability to choose a desired length of the rope for your next project.

Natural Hemp Garden Decking Rope

This organic fibre, eco-friendly rope choice is the perfect blend of the eco-friendly, soft and natural qualities of cotton rope and the strong and long-lasting qualities of synthetic hemp rope. Comprised of natural hemp or flax fibres, our hemp rope is available in a wide range of different thicknesses to suit a selection of different home and garden uses.

Home & Garden Rope Sample

Not sure which garden decking rope to go for? If you can't decide which type of rope to purchase, or you want to compare and contrast the various rope options on offer, why not order our sample rope pack? Each sample pack contains a six to nine inch length of sisal, cotton, polyhemp and natural hemp rope in various thicknesses, all clearly labelled for easy identification.

Post By Ed Mason