If you're longing for the sunny days and soaring temperatures of spring and summer, now's the time to get your garden rope projects organised. Whether your mind is set on a big backyard makeover or a smaller scale job, nothing is more versatile, visually appropriate or easy to use than rope.

From rope wooden fencing for decking and patios to stylish DIY rope planters and even children's swings - rope garden projects really do come in all shapes and sizes. There's really no limit to what you can do with beautiful yet simple rope embellishments that will instantly elevate any garden in the height of summer.

At Rope Warehouse, we've handpicked our most popular rope bestsellers for your next garden project. From natural and synthetic to manila and polyester, discover the most useful and practical ropes for use outdoors, giving your outside space an instant and brilliant makeover.

Garden Decking Rope (Natural Or Synthetic)

Our garden decking rope comes with either natural and synthetic fibres to choose from. Whether you're after synthetic rope for its natural appearance, weatherproof properties and non-shrinking composition or the soft, organic and eco-friendly characteristic of natural hemp rope, we've got just what you need.

Our decking rope will suit everything from banisters, to outdoor gyms, crafts, outdoor constructions, decking and rope swings.

Sisal Rope for Cat Scratching Posts

Great for replacing old or worn-out rope on cat scratching posts, pet bird perches and swings, this strong and biodegradable sisal rope is brilliant for both home and outdoor use.

If you're looking for a pet-related project this summer, start from scratch with our natural fibre sisal rope. It is cat-safe, made from sustainable and biodegradable plant fibres and durable enough to withstand many scratching sessions.

Because this rope is made from natural fibres, it is likely the rope will absorb some moisture if used outside. It will shrink when wet and lengthen when it's dry. Please allow approximately 10% in total length.

Artificial Leaf Vine Intertwined With Natural Jute

Add some flourishes of leafy green foliage to your banisters, wreaths, decorative projects and garden parties! Our rustic polyester vine leafs are intertwined with natural Jute Twine, creating a beautiful rope decoration to place anywhere in the home or garden. One roll of ivy green leaf jute twine is 20 metres in length and can be wrapped around any project in need of a countryside themed twist.

Natural Cotton Rope

This soft-touch rope is hardwearing and made for handling. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, our natural cotton rope is washable, biodegradable, completely natural and incredibly durable. Perfect for any outdoor project that needs to feel soft against your hands, it will also be your pet's best friend too.

Natural Fibre Manila Rope

Suitable for rope ladders and decorations alike, Manila rope gives you practicality and a distinctively beautiful finish that will fit seamlessly into any outdoor setting. Manila rope is made from hemp fibres, giving you strength, flexibility and elasticity. A great choice for rope word art, rustic projects and more functional or play related toys in your garden.

Premier Garden Rope Swing

Build an idyllic garden rope swing and hang it to a suitable tree with this brilliant swing set from Rope Warehouse. Made using synthetic hemp rope and a green oak wood seat provided, it also comes with full instructions included on how to hang the swing safely to your tree.

Polyester 3 Strand Rope

Looking for something purely practical? Our polyester rope is a marine and industrial essential, providing strength, durability, high-energy absorption and reliability for your next project. At Rope Warehouse you can get your polyester rope in the exact length and thickness (diameter) you want, choosing how your rope ends are finished as well as the specific quantity needed for the task at hand.

Still Unsure? Order Our Sample Pack Today...

Get to know our rope products before you buy with the Home & Garden Rope Sample Pack. It contains sisal, Manila, cotton, polyhemp and natural hemp to give you an idea of the feel and look of the ropes in our Home & Garden range. It comes with detailed notes outlining the best use for each rope as well as pros and cons and our suitable usage recommendations.

Post By Ed Mason