Streamlining the sailing experience with the perfect blend of innovation and ease of use; Kohlhoff's LOOP range is at the helm when it comes to the specialised deck equipment market.

Developing products inspired by the lightweight yet durable qualities of racing boat blocks, the German company was formed. They created the first LOOP Block - a product that prioritised the ease, efficiency, toughness and safety required by competitive sailing and integrating their methodology into the more broad boating lifestyle.

Now everyone can experience the ultra high performance aspects of LOOP, dealing with everything from high load rope connection requirements, sail attachment, splicing and shackle replacement and more.

Only the very best materials have been used to create the toughest and most lightweight LOOP deck equipment. They're expertly made using hard anodised aluminium alloys and Gottifredi Maffioli’s superlative performance braids and wires, combining to create a high tech. strong, lightweight, waterproof and abrasion resistant end product that's made to last.

In our latest blog, Rope Warehouse will guide you through some of the vital products in the LOOP range, helping you get closer towards the perfect sailing experience.

LOOP High Load Shackles

This high load shackle is an evolution of the original LOOP shackle, giving you 70% more strength at the same weight. Renowned for its extremely light weight with very high breaking strengths and minimal elongation, all thanks to Gottifredi Maffioli’s Ultra Wire construction. This High Load Shackle also won't cause any damage to the deck, hull, superstructure or rig. They also won't sink immediately when dropped overboard and can be used even in difficult locations.

LOOP Blocks

These snatch blocks are well known for their compact, lightweight and versatile qualities, fastened with a loop. Due to the clever construction, the loops always stay simple to unfasten even after full loading. You'll benefit from an easy to use piece of boat deck equipment that is covered with extra Dyneema to give a smooth surface and to enhance abrasion resistance.

LOOP® Connectors

Designed to be spliced into outhauls, sheets or halyards to replace standard shackles, these unique shackle connectors give you all the strong, lightweight and waterproof benefits you'd expect from LOOP, but that's not all. They are also made of a standard Gottifredi Maffioli, Compact Braid loop, reinforced by a hard anodised aluminium thimble that gives you an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The outstanding abrasion resistance and very low stretch make these a must-have for any sailor.

LOOP ReefThimble

Designed for bigger sailing yacht and superyacht owners, the ReefThimble is available in a range of different sizes and can therefore be used at the reef clew and reef tack for a reef line deflector. Made of Gottifredi Maffiolis Ultrawire 99, this design is based on the High Load Shackles in this range and the LOOP Thimble can´t fall out due to the whipping.

LOOP Dogbones

All-new, stylish and essential, these fast and easy to release Dogbones from LOOP will efficiently connect lines to your other lines and boat hardware. Made from a lightweight and durable construction that's built for unrivalled sailing performance. You can also choose from a range of thicknesses (diameters) at Rope Warehouse.

Post By Ed Mason