When it comes to rope, the possibilities seem almost endless. Whether you want to add a touch of rustic-chic to your home and garden or put something practical in your hiking rucksack, we've got something to show you that - when it comes to rope - you really can't have enough of it!

#1. Rope Sign: Probably the most gorgeous rope-making idea there is - spell out a greeting, quote, the name of the happy wedding couple... The list is endless!

#2. Rope Coasters: Indoor coasters can often look a bit out of place when placed on your favourite garden furniture, so why not make some rope ones? These rustic drink accessories will give your outdoor tableware a laid-back summery feel in no time.

#3. Rope Shelves: The best way to keep clutter off the floor for good, rope shelves are an elegant storage solution that will quickly become the talking point of your entire room!

#4. Rope Tire Ottoman: Need a great rope project to get stuck in to? We're a big fan of transforming an old tire into a handy corner-piece. Have a thick rope on standby and get your toolbox out, you'll need it for this one.

#5. Hanging Lanterns: Decorate your outside spaces with long strands of rope hung from trellises and other garden spaces that end with a lattice rope cradle, conveniently holding your reused jam jars filled with individual tea lights

#6. Rope Stair Railings & Banisters: If you're looking to open up cramped areas around your home, rope banisters create the illusion of space for a light and airy appearance and an attractive nautical twist.

#7. Paracord Rope Bracelet: A must-have for survival experts, hikers and anyone else out in the field! Paracord rope bracelets have an array of different uses, from making a shelter, mending damaged boot laces, using as a fishing line and more.

#8. Rope Napkin/Cutlery Rings: It's all about the knots with this one, although simply tying your cutlery with a soft white cotton rope would look simply stunning...

#9. Rope Room Divider: Who knew rope could be this stylish? Break up empty space with a DIY room rope divider, keeping your home light and airy while giving a sense of structure and form to open plan areas. Give it a try, it's simpler than it looks!

Post By Ed Mason