If you spent a lot of time outdoors as a child you would have dreamed of making a rope ladder to climb all the nearby trees... Whether or not that fantasy became reality, Rope Warehouse have come up with the best way to create a quick, simple and effective rope ladder for you and your children to enjoy over the summer.

If you want to make some wonderful memories take a look at these 5 easy steps.

What Type Rope Do I Need?

Use a natural fibre rope such as manila which will grip the wooden rungs securely when you come to tying your knots. Nylon and other synthetic ropes can slip a lot easier against the rungs and therefore are to be avoided.

Which Knots Do I Need To Know?

  • Timber Hitch Knot
  • Ladder Lashing Process
#1. Start by getting hold of two strands of natural fibre rope, identical in length, and whip the ends with Marlow Whipping Twine.

#2.  Use a timber hitch knot to secure each length of rope to a fixed, level point in your garden.

#3. Buy or cut as many wooden rungs as you need to make your rope ladder - if you're unsure how long your rungs should be, 40 cm is a good working length, providing enough room for both feet.

#4. While facing the two hanging lengths of rope, use the ladder lashing technique; reaching towards the rope with your fingers together and your thumbs down, bringing your thumbs up so the rope wraps around your fingers. With the rope hanging over your fingers, create a loop by putting your thumbs through the wrapped rope and insert the rungs in between the loops.

#5. Repeat the ladder lashing process as many times as you need to according to the number of rungs you have and the length of your hanging ropes (leave a space of no less that a foot between the rungs). The rung insertion process can be fiddly so use the help of a friend or family member to pass the rungs through while you're applying the lashing technique.

Post By Ed Mason