If you know anything about rope then you'll appreciate the wide range of benefits that are tied to polypropylene rope.

Whether your roping tasks extend to professional uses or to projects are a little more closer to home, polypropylene has the incredible ability to adapt to almost anything you throw at it.

What Is Polypropylene Rope?

Polypropylene rope is comprised of a thermoplastic polymer that, when transformed into a rope, is a strong, flexible and cost-effective choice for a wide range of everyday, common uses.

But let's scratch the surface and discover why polypropylene has become one of the most popular and practical choices for so many skilled tradesman and DIT-ers alike.

It's Strong, Durable & Inert

Polypropylene rope is not only tough, it's also resistant to a number of different corrosive substances thanks to the inert thermoplastic polymer composition. This means that if the rope is exposed to solvents, acids, bases and other chemicals, it won't react or break down. Poly rope has a higher melting point that similarly common polymers, making it more resilient to heat or friction.

Polypropylene rope is also reinforced by a woven three-strand design that attributes to it's tough, durable qualities.

It's Reliable

No matter what your trade, interest, task or project, polypropylene rope can adapt to a range of different jobs from general construction to nautical use, winching, fastening and more. Not only does this rope suit a range of different tasks, it does so with reliable effect.

It's Rot & Mildew Proof 

Polypropylene rope is not only hard-wearing in use, it also doesn't disintegrate when in storage. Hemp and natural fibre ropes are often susceptible to bacterial attack, mould and general decay, however polypropylene is completely impervious to this kind of deterioration due to it's synthetic makeup.

It Floats On Water

This highly practical benefit is perfect for sailors and boat owners. If you happen to lose your rope overboard, it can be retrieved easily and help to avoid time consuming and costly replacements. Polypropylene rope also typically comes in bright, vibrant colours which helps with general handling and spotting in low visibility conditions.

Post By Ed Mason