An interest in rope and the ability to tie a knot should go hand in hand, but getting to grips with proper knotting technique is something that we often overlook. Outdoor jobs, DIY projects and plans concerning rope either succeed or fail by the type of knot you use.

After all, which knot should you use?

To help you out, Rope Warehouse will take you through the most frequently used knots out there that you can remember and implement at any point in the future.

#1. How To Tie An Overhand Knot

The overhand knot is a simple yet essential knot that you've no doubt tied before, even if you didn't know the official name! It's a temporary stopper knot and a jumping off point for many different noose and loop knots as well as water, reef and fisherman's knots.

#2. How To Tie A Figure-Eight Knot

The figure-of-eight knot is a valuable and extremely reliable stopper knot for sailing, fishing, climbing and a range of other various uses. It's a fast and practical knot that can be jammed securely and undone easily when required.

#3. How To Tie A Reef Knot

The reef knot is around 4000 years old, and it's not surprise why it's frequently used today. Originally used to reef sails, the reef or square knot is now used for everything, from DIY to macrame and even belt tying in the martial art of Keikogi.


Post By Ed Mason