Battle ropes have become an increasingly familiar  element in creative training routines over the past years, and popularity only seems to be growing...

The best battle ropes are made from tough, durable and flexible Manila and can be used for a wide range of interval training exercise sessions.

The real draw of using battle ropes in your programme is the unorthodox way they target your muscles and burn fat in a more dynamic and athletic way that will put your bland treadmill sessions to shame.

Muscle building and cardiovascular conditioning is an adaptation to stress, so the more unconventional and varied the methods you use to stimulate body, the more progress and changes to your health and fitness you're going to notice.

But what are THE best full body battle rope exercises? Rope Warehouse will tell you our favourites...

#1. Slams

Get your heart racing with probably the ultimate battle rope exercise, the full-body slam. Working the shoulders, abdominals, quads and glutes - grab an end of rope in each hand and slam them hard onto the floor.

#2. Circles

This rope exercise targets the shoulders, biceps and triceps, giving your arms a killer workout. Simply grab the rope ends in each hand and make circular motions going outward from your body.

#3. Waves & Lunges

Make things a little more complex with waves and alternating lunges. This hybrid exercise has the benefit of targeting many of the significant muscle groups, putting your stability muscles and balance to the test. Slam the ropes down in a tight waving motion, incorporating alternating leg lunges as you go.

#4. Alternate Plank Waves

Get your abs burning with an alternating plank exercise for stabilisation and core training. Start in the plank position with your hands on the floor and your arms shoulder width apart. Pick up the battle rope, shift your weight between your arms as you swap the rope between your hands, waving the end of the battle rope for 20-30 seconds (or as long as you can do to begin, adding ten seconds to your personal best each time you perform this workout.

Post By Ed Mason